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This website / any part of this website (page / article / video / image / content) is not an official website. All types of information published on our website are only intended for the knowledge of KBC programs and for information dissemination purposes. It is a good idea not to share personal information here and if someone requests money on behalf of KBC -Don’t get caught. Be careful.

This website is designed for the help of true KBC (Kaun Banega Crorepati) fans and we do not intend to mislead anyone. If someone does something wrong on behalf of KBC, we are not responsible for it. This site is for educational purposes. This does not mean violating the copyright problem. If KBC and its associates have concerns, they can write or Google us to resolve the issue. All images and logos used on our website are for illustrative purposes only and any questions in this regard should have a conversation with the webmaster or this website.


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