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Kbc Lottery Winner List 2023

KBC SIM card raffle – KBC lottery winner

KBC is the first game show introduced in India. The show has gained immense popularity which is evident from its TRP rating which is the highest compared to all other game shows. KBC is the best game show to win big cash prizes based on the type of questions asked and correct answers received. You can view the list of KBC lottery winners on this official website.

The popular game show is hosted by Amitabh Bachchan, an amazing Bollywood actor who is renowned for his strong acting skills and starred in the most admired films of the Bollywood industry. If you want to become a kbc lottery winner, please contact the KBC head office number.

We are happy to announce that the registrations for the KBC Lucky Draw 2023 SIM card raffle have started! KBC IMO SIM Card Giveaway is organized to benefit poor families in India.

Starting in 2023, the contest terms and conditions have been updated to simplify the entry process. The contest has made it much easier for commoners to take advantage of an exciting opportunity to win amazing cash prizes! Fortunately, the updated registration process does not require participants to fill out lengthy forms or go through complicated processes.

In fact, KBC is now registered with SIM cards all over India. This means that the Indian population is already entered into the draw. All they need to do is keep up to date with the latest giveaway announcements, news, and other information.

Qualification of the candidate

At the end of the qualification questionnaire, at the start of each season, the candidates receive a surcharged SMS to the telephone number given to the candidate. Next, candidates must answer the question sent to them by SMS.

fastest finger competition

Users who answer the SMS question correctly will be invited to study. Here they are entering the Fastest Finger First contest. A contest in which they must place 4 answers in the correct order, according to the questions they have been asked. To make the competition more difficult, a time limit is set for competitors.

After the first fastest finger contest

The Fastest Finger First winner gets the chance to play the real game in the hot seat with famed KBC host Amitabh Bachan. This game includes a series of multiple choice questions. Each question has a specific cash prize that is awarded to the winner based on the correct answers.

Disclaimer: Beware of Scammers: All India WhatsApp SIM Card Raffle
Unfortunately, with the immense success of this famous game show, the number of scammers is also increasing. Scammers are exploiting the people of India by sending inauthentic messages to contestants regarding the All India SIM card WhatsApp raffle and other raffles organized by KBC. People were asked to share their personal information. Like credit or debit card details, or were misinformed about lottery winners. The scammers also asked the candidates to transfer money to their personal accounts. They communicated with participants by phone, text, email and even WhatsApp.

Pakistani numbers are also misused to contact lottery participants and exploit their personal information. Pakistani numbers can be identified using their codes, which are usually,

If you receive suspicious text messages, calls, emails or WhatsApp messages regarding KBC lotteries, please contact us immediately. Our agents are available 24/7 to answer all your questions and help you stay safe from scams. You can also contact us using the information provided below:

Since KBC Lottery registers every SIM card registered in India. This gives the opportunity to those who need it to get involved and change their lives! KBC is also an important contribution to help poor families in India.

If you receive calls from unknown numbers regarding KBC lotteries, please contact us immediately. Our agents will help you stay safe from scammers. We are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to answer all your questions and proposals.


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